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When you first express interest in creating a piece of jewelry with us, we will have our initial consultation. This can be over the phone or in person. No matter what type of jewelry we are creating, there are many decisions to be made.

For example, when creating an engagement ring it is important to decide what diamond cut you prefer. Round diamonds have always been the most popular, but there are many other cuts to choose from (for example: emerald cut, princess cut, oval, radiant, cushion, pear, etc.). We show our customers examples of all the different options that they have.

Next is the setting style. There is an unlimited amount of setting styles available for engagement rings. A setting with only one diamond is known as a solitaire. Some people prefer a simple solitaire setting with a thin band to accentuate the main stone when they have chosen a diamond that they love and want to be the focus of the ring. Other options can have side diamonds on either side of the main stone or even small diamonds set along the band of the ring. Another popular style is creating a “halo” of smaller diamonds that surround the center stone. Settings are usually made of either platinum, white gold, or yellow gold. All of the settings created by Henry K Diamonds are handmade high-quality settings that are much more detailed and durable than most settings found in stores. As previously stated, most jewelers use pre-made and mass-manufactured settings that are designed to lower cost for the manufacturer rather than maximize the beauty of the jewelry.

One aspect of creating an engagement ring that customers often overlook is obtaining the proper finger size. If the engagement proposal will be a surprise, it can be difficult to figure out the proper finger size without giving away your secret. Nobody wants to propose with a ring that their fiancé cannot fit on her finger! This is always a fun challenge when preparing for the perfect marriage proposal; we have a few tricks that can help with this process.

Once the above decisions are made, we will begin work with our network of highly skilled craftsmen in New York City’s famous Diamond District. We will assemble all of the necessary diamonds and other gems that will be used and then begin the process of crafting the engagement ring of your dreams.